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Julie Broad

Self-Promote & Succeed

Self-Promote & Succeed

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Master nonfiction book marketing and use your book for author brand growth.

Every nonfiction author dreams of being a bestselling author, having their book flourish in the hands of eager readers. This dream hinges on a well-positioned book and a savvy understanding of marketing. Many authors feel like they have tried everything in the world of self-publishing—launching mass press releases, designing attractive bookmarks, and attempting to run ads on Amazon. Yet the numbers crawl, the dream stalls, and the frustration mounts.

Julie Broad, author of Self-Publish and Succeed and Founder of Book Launchers, brings her high-energy approach and hold-nothing-back attitude with this compelling follow-up guide to Self-Publish and Succeed. Julie champions indie authors to book marketing success, showing you the secret goes beyond the narrow focus on book sales. She presents a map to use your book to become an industry thought leader, bolster your personal brand, and leverage your book as a tool for business growth.

You’ll discover how to:
– Architect a layered marketing strategy, optimizing every aspect of your book production and marketing, for success.
– Position your author brand to appeal directly to your target audience.
– Choose your book launch strategy from four proven methods.
– Enhance your book’s visibility with the right pricing and keywords on platforms like Kindle Direct Publishing.
– Leverage speaking engagements to personally connect with readers and boost book sales.

It’s time to take your authorship to the next level. Navigate the intricacies of self-publishing and book marketing using the same methods clients pay her tens of thousands of dollars for. Get Self-Promote and Succeed and let this writer’s guide to promoting, marketing, and selling your nonfiction book be the reason your journey heads toward success.

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  • "Full of Insights and Practical Advice"

    I am in the latter stages of writing my first book - on leadership context and how to match it with effective leadership to promote engagement and performance. It is an extension of the research insights and practical advice I share on Julie's book is full of insights and advice on putting your book in the hands of the audience you intend to enrich. I love the tone. Full of straightforward and no-nonsense considerations about the crucial choices in promoting the book! The emphasis on understanding and pursuing the author's intent behind the book is valuable. It is helpful and a good read - make sure to have a notepad ready to jot down the advice as you read along - I did... Thanks for the learning! Dr. Torben Noerby (Amazon 5-Star Review)

  • "Useful all-in-one book on marketing for self-publishers"

    I recently came across Julie’s YouTube channel and binge watched a dozen or two of her informative and helpful videos. They’re great! When she mentioned this book, I quickly bought it and I’m so happy I did. The book is full of practical and tactical advice for authors who are self-publishing like me. I now am clear about all the moving parts on the self-publishing path. I also have an action plan in place that I’m confident in. Thanks, Julie!!

    - CoreyandMelissaQ (Amazon 5-Star Review)

  • "Amazing, Positive, Practice advice to market your non fiction book!"

    Have you ever wondered how to brand yourself and your book? How to attract an audience? How to market your not-boring book? How to network as an introvert? How to attract reviews? Well this IS the book for YOU! Now that I am knee deep in finishing editing my book, I am intrigued by the whole book marketing and launching process. Julie offers easy to read and practical tips, great content and examples. Time to get your copy! :-)

    - Cynthia (Amazon 5-Star Review)

  • "I wish I knew this sooner!"

    I love Julie's YouTube Channel it saved me as I was writing my book. I wish I had this book in my arsenal sooner when I was promoting my book. The hype from my book sales have gone down so I'll be using Julie's advice from Self Promote and Succeed to spark my sales and promotion efforts back to life!

    Thank you for your generosity and for writing this must have resource! If you are even so much as thinking about writing a book read this first!

    - Giada (Amazon 5-Star Review)


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